They Shoot – They Score – They Conquer Death    

When the Hero Twins played ball to avenge the killing of their father, the Maize God, by the Lords of Death, nothing less than their own lives hung in the balance.

Their epic victory, told in the the Popol Vuh (16th-century text of the Mayan creation myth) inspired the sacrificial ballgames of the thousand-year Mayan empire. . .

. . .and the famous Long Count calendar, which concludes a Galactic Great Cycle on December 21, 2012.

Tuning In to Our  Modern “Cosmic Ballgames”

But does the ritual Mayan ballgame have a deeper meaning  and possible impact on modern American culture? Is there a  symbolic connection between the Cosmic Ballgame of Creation and our modern games of baseball, football, and basketball?

In this critically timed book, lifelong ball-player David Miller respectfully reframes the story of the Mayan ballgame from the perspective of an eco-feminist Witch.

Rediscovering the World’s First Sports Widows

Hidden beneath the violent tale of revenge, conquest, and sacrifice is the tragic story of the divine women left behind.

To play the Cosmic Ballgame, the Hero Twins stole the heart of their mother Blood Moon and the sacred count of days from Grandmother Time. These feminine creators of the universe were relegated to the background, their crucial role  forgotten for millennia.

As the Long Count calendar approaches the turning of 2012,  their creative feminine magic may be the key to restoring harmony in the universal ballgame dance of birth, life, death and rebirth.

Time Travel to the Ball Court of Creation. . .

I was sitting, meditating, at the ancient ball court at Copan, the most splendid ball court in the Mayan world, legacy of one of the most magnificent, but doomed, warrior-god-kings.

I could not get over how at home I felt at this ball court. It had an energy that I knew very, very well. The reverie conjured by the stones brought me back to the grass gridiron where I used to sneak into the football games. It seemed I was sneaking in again. . .

The Mayan players joked around and showed off their skills, belying a game that would be in deadly earnest when the ritual began. These guys were incredibly good, definitely major league. Their control and passing of the hard black rubber ball with hips, chest, thighs and forearms was as precise as any ball playing I have ever seen. . .

The god-king and royal shamans could draw on the power of the ancestors buried in the depths of the Acropolis to form a huge ball or wave of energy that gained in steam as it moved through the ritualized ballgames and on to the Great Plaza where thousands waited impatiently for the communal frenzy of the blood sacrifice. It was a hot ritual. . .

Female and natural symbols of birth, death, and rebirth were present but the cut of the stones and the energy in the monuments spoke of the containment of women and nature within a competitive, violent, bloody ritual.

~~ excerpts (C) David Miller, 2011

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